by Angeliska on August 26, 2002

guess what? there is a baby lizard that lives in my window! he is the most amazing thing..so tiny and green..i love him! i love that my house is filled with lizards and salamandery-gecko things.. in fact… Come get your (…)

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sunburst and snowblind

by Angeliska on August 20, 2002

my, my..what an exceedingly long day it has been.. i rode my beloved bicycle many miles through summer storms in which i was pelted by fat juicy joyous raindrops that plopped down out of invisible clouds in the bright sunshine.. (…)

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by Angeliska on August 19, 2002

strange dreams..it’s my birthday..are we on a boat? i look out to the deck and see two very large snakes writhing about out there..one is black and the other is mottled green and brown. i know instinctively that they are (…)

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in the many mouths ov madness..

by Angeliska on August 14, 2002

in my dreams last night, i pinned my face to the wall. well, to be more exact, i stuck a weird ectoplasmic cut-out of my face, a child’s face in the center of my attic window. it comforted me to (…)

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this is my childhood

by Angeliska on August 12, 2002