by Angeliska on October 21, 2002

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by Angeliska on October 18, 2002

i rise from dreams of.. telling secrets in the swimming pool with violet and everybody else’s mother i can pick her up and swing her around in the water the walls of the pool are encrusted in human jawbones it’s (…)

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by Angeliska on October 15, 2002

an open letter to the pesky, pusillanimous peon who insists on posting their perversely insipid inanities on my journal.. cease and desist, cowardly cur, or you shall be dealt with accordingly.. do you have something to say to me? then (…)

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finally fall

by Angeliska on October 14, 2002

at long last come the cool winds, the grey skies- the harbingers of autumn and soon winter..a chill pervades the air and prickles the skin still shivering beneath thin summer sheets- it’s electric, at night- the slow sinuous winding wind (…)

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i am bookbinder, hear me roar

by Angeliska on October 13, 2002

ah, the blessed sense of accomplishment that comes when you.. ..actually finish something..erm. ahem. ladies and gentlemen, tonight, i have successfully bound a book. it’s not my first, by any means, but it is the largest one i have ever (…)

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