by Angeliska on June 28, 2003

Come one, come all! Play Victorian parlour games with me! (..Involving curious sofas, I’m sure!) I will be reading delightful stories from 3:30 on, and there will be much yumminess and fun had by all..


by Angeliska on June 25, 2003

Hello Me Lovelies- Today I will be performing as High Baristess at Z’otz (943-ZOTZ) @ 2003 Royal and Touro, from 1pm-7pm. It would behoove you to come and see me and delight me with stories of your daily adventures, and (…)

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Summer School at Tanglewood Academy for Wayward Youth

by Angeliska on June 17, 2003

Some recent additions to bolster your burgeoning vocabularies- Your assignment, boys and girls- should you choose to accept it: To compose for your headmistress, Miss Matilda Marchpane, a little ditty to tickle her fancy.. Go to it! Edify and Amuse! (…)

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R.I.P. Dorothy Carter 1935-2003

by Angeliska on June 9, 2003

Kinderly is now my coming into this world with teres and cry litel and povere is my having britel and sone I falle from hit sharpe and strong is my deying I ne woth whinder schal I foul and stinkande (…)

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by Angeliska on June 5, 2003

From printing paper and glue, then it remains mute And does not meet you with its large view, From the black indications searching looks, And is a thing and has its thing fate.