by Angeliska on September 26, 2003

I seem to have caught an irritating little cold. Likely it was last night, hunkering over my bare knees during a surprisingly chilly outdoor performance of Macbeth. Macbeth has always been my favorite Shakespearean drama. It’s got the best soliloquies, (…)

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by Angeliska on September 22, 2003

Ravenna and Padova were a blur of subterranean crypts filled with water, silver coins glinting on the tiled mosaic floor and transparent fish gliding through the clear water seeming to float there, suspended in space above the graves.. In Padua (…)

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by Angeliska on September 18, 2003

During our last dinner, at which I had what was described as “Drowned Little Octopus and Polenta” I was waving the little guys around and making them dance as I tend to when confronted by baby octopi and my Grandfather (…)

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La Bella Serenissima

by Angeliska on September 17, 2003

“L’om po far e die in pensar – E vega quelo che gli po inchontar” -Venetian vernacular approximately translated as, “Let man do and say as he pleases, and see what happens to him..” Last afternoon in La Bella Serenissima.. (…)

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by Angeliska on September 16, 2003

This sense of vertigo has not passed, is alarming, still swaying and everything at a tilt sea legs I have, land legs- however… Even seated I feel the horizon careening.. what is happening here? I am impossibly enamoured of this (…)

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