Vicissitudes from Cradle – Mardi Gras 2004

by Angeliska on February 27, 2004

Yes, we all survived another mad and marvelouscarnival season down here in the swamplands.. I honestly didn’t think I still had it in me-the capacity for such reckless debauch..I was sure I was well into my dotageand that it was (…)

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Bad Dreams and Black Floaters

by Angeliska on February 22, 2004

Black ghosts in my peripheralelusive shadows my vision tracksacross glinting coronas,streetlights and sundogs.Optical ghosts born by scarsin the cornea- floaters, they say.A parade can be dangerous.Aside from getting shot, of course,one has to protect one’s eyeballsfrom flying objects hurled fromelaborately (…)

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Good Evening and Welcome to The Victorian Taxidermy Company Limited.

by Angeliska on February 18, 2004

This is a picture of my father, (not taxidermy)my pop, my dear old dad in his heyday. It was one I had never seen before, and has now become my favorite photograph of him. He was playing music at some (…)

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by Angeliska on February 15, 2004

Hello. Above is a picture I drew of two Fiji Mermaids who are obviously smitten with one another. Below is myself and my beloved P. before entering the mad fray that was Saint Valentine’s Day. Note her arrow wound- I (…)

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by Angeliska on February 14, 2004

Check this out quick, it won’t be up long. Bunk or no, it’s definitely worth the read. Dybbuk Haunted Wine Cabinet