Lucky Stars and Garters

by Angeliska on December 31, 2006

At the turning of the year, when so much has changed-
my life so transformed, so altered by tumult
and blessing simultaneously-
I am galvanized by it, and yet with scant
few moments of respite in which to reflect or take stock,
to recount the moments or meanings..
No time to shuffle the cards, or sort through
the archives to tell of all the enormous and subtle
changes, the miseries and delights that have transpired..
I process it all in shivers and flashes.
However! I send fervent wishes far and wide to one and all
for a brightly shimmering beginning to a brave new year..

New Year’s Eve was my mother’s birthday,
and that of the first boy I ever kissed,
and a certain far-flung sea-mermaiden I know..
This year I’m headed to the country again-
to Lone Grove- my ancestral home.
I don’t care for New Year’s parties, or the city under
the duress of everyone frantically counting down,
rushing about for the most poignantly smashing time..
Give me the stars, a fire, and good company-
a little time to ponder upon what’s come before
and what’s still to come..
I actually do have quite a few resolutions this year,
but shan’t detail them here as none of them are
very earth-shattering; only to be a better correspondent,
to be kinder to everyone in general,
and to wake up earlier.
Oh yes- and to finally learn to operate an automobile!
Wish me luck!

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