The New Year

by Angeliska on December 31, 2007

The Blanchette is a goat-fairy who appears
on New Year’s Eve to bestow blessings upon a household.
She comes bearing two babies, one is sweet
and rosy-cheeked and crowned with a garland of blossoms.
The other child is sickly, wan and hollow-cheeked.
If you keep your hearth swept free of ashes,
and your house cleaned thoroughly,
then you may be blessed by the Blanchette’s visit.
A room must be prepared and a table laid out
with a crisp white cloth and bread and wine
and fruits and other delights so that the Blanchette
will leave the sweet happy babe there
to bless the home and those who dwell in it
with health, wealth and good luck.
However, if the Blanchette alights
to find the house a slovenly sty strewn
with ashes, debris and filthy garments-
she will leave the wretched child there
to shiver and cough and snivel
and torture all inhabitants
with its pitiful mewling.
Ill luck will befall the unkempt hearth!

Attract the boon and blessing of the Blanchette with a tidy and happy home!
The Blanchette was made for me by my darling Pandora Gastelum.

This year has been amazing-
lots of firsts, playing sticky wings like a newly hatched bug.
Trying new things and discovering great joy in them..

♥ I started taking a jewelry class, from an amazing teacher.
So far I’ve made a bracelet and a wee little ring.
(Pictures to follow whenever I get a new camera,
as mine perished over the holiday, alas!)
I was a bit intimidated when I first began,
for a number of reasons- but it is such
absorbing and satisfying work, in a great studio
with wonderful people. I’ve got so many projects
in mind- so many things I’m excited to make..

♥ I’ve been performing a lot this year-
playing ocean-harp and also singing
onstage in front of lots and lots of people
for the first time ever! I was so terrified
for weeks, but somehow I managed to do it,
without forgetting any words or screwing up!
I did this in a mermaid costume also.
Apparently, it all went over quite well!

♥ Also Hello Lovers asked me to play ocean harp
on their upcoming album. I’d never worked in a
recording studio before. I really enjoyed the
experience and was so honored to be a
part of their music. I can’t wait for it to come out!

♥ I had work in a group show at Volitant Gallery:

♥ I started painting again, in gouache.

♥ I became a full-fledged antiques dealer!
So far, it’s going extremely well.
It’s sort of the perfect thing for me
to be doing- I am finding the most
incredible things.. Dangerous!

♥ We planted fruit trees and devoured the harvest!
Shockingly sweet pomegranates! Juicy wee peaches!
Figs and blackberries and pecans and mandarin oranges!

♥ I began my Saturn Return. So far, I think it’s a very good thing. Lots of work to do.

♥ I set up my studio recently- this is something
I have been longing for and needing
for such a long time.
Right now it’s the only place I want to be.

♥ I frolicked in snow in Michigan for hexmas!

As far as resolutions go..
I’ve been a terrible correspondent this year-
Apologies to all who deserve letters from me,
I have rarely been so busy- but now I have a desk..

I really must-must-must learn to drive.
I started with lessons, but didn’t progress
incredibly far. I’m terrified, actually.
Seems silly when I’ve gotten around on a bicycle
for so long, but it’s true.

Break the black ice!

Love and luck to you and yours in the New Year!


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x x x

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