Huexoloti Honey

by Angeliska on November 26, 2009

(Photo by Red-Star) Turkeys are such strange birds. Ugly-beautiful, and regal-ridiculous. Have you ever seen one flying wild? It’s like a giant feathered cannonball shot through the woods. Hilarious and shocking. We saw wild turkeys in Osyka Springs, Mississippi when (…)

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Shooting Stars + Seedpods

by Angeliska on November 21, 2009

(Forest Queen by Lindsey Carr) At last, I am rousing myself from my haze of hiding in the tiny seed-pod cave. I have been handed a giant mug of strong coffee (oh dear!) and am experimenting with not taking painkillers (…)

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Doll Hospital

by Angeliska on November 13, 2009

Okay so, on this coming Monday, the 16th of November, I will be going into the hospital to have surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst. This has all happened quite quickly, so I’m still processing a lot of information (…)

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807 Esplanade

by Angeliska on November 12, 2009

(Photographer unknown) I became friendly with the ghosts of 807 Esplanade not long after I moved into the building. The house held so much history, it would seem strange if it weren’t haunted at least by a few souls. The (…)

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Ectoplasmic Honey

by Angeliska on November 10, 2009

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever felt one? Visual apparitions are rare. I waited my whole life to see a clear one. I’ve always noticed the amorphous, ephemeral shades: thin wispy white ones, bulbous black blobby ones, (…)

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