Blue Moon

by Angeliska on December 30, 2009

Here we go, darlings – on the precipice of a new year, and just nearly ready to dry our sticky wings on the other side of the future! 2010, for real? I mean, doesn’t it seem slightly preposterous, as if (…)

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Texas Hexmas

by Angeliska on December 26, 2009

I get more and more shameless every year in my open adoration of this holiday. Yes, the commercialization and wasteful glut disgust me – but it means so much more to me than that. Even in Texas, (where we can (…)

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Magic Windows #8

by Angeliska on December 23, 2009

Magic Windows are portals into the strange and beautiful world I inhabit, and the marvelous people, places and things come across in my day to day – all captured with the aid of my handy magic celephone (it’s an iPhone). (…)

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Winter Solstice – Messe de Minuit

by Angeliska on December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice, beloveds! It’s not especially chilly here yet, though it has gotten a little frost-spangled some nights, the tease of recent snowfall amounted to only a meagre flurry. That being said, I’m grateful to know that the days (…)

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Indigo Honey

by Angeliska on December 16, 2009

(Photo by Jane Aldridge) I adore this image captured in Coco Chanel’s gorgeously appointed apartment in Paris. What a dream come true, to explore her domain! I dreamt the other night that a was drinking Chanel No. 5 out of (…)

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