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by Angeliska on November 29, 2014

Olivia Hansson is a very magical lady that I have yet to meet – though I have a strong sense that if we were on the same continent (she lives in Sweden), that we would no doubt enjoy having tea (…)

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The Color of Pomegranates

by Angeliska on December 20, 2013

This recent autumn was the best year for pomegranates. The tree planted by the pond in the garden seven or so years ago has been flourishing in this strange weather we’ve been having. Oft times, at harvest, the fruits would (…)

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by Angeliska on April 23, 2011

Eastertime is almost here! I can almost taste the candyfloss melting on my tongue, and those speckled chocolate robin’s eggs. I’m busy getting everything ready for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Garden Party on Sunday, and remembering what a (…)

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Magic Windows #18

by Angeliska on October 18, 2010

A perfect lady. White hair and red roses please me more than I can say. This is a real thing that exists somewhere, this rabbit. He’s almost four feet tall. Can you handle it? Real rabbit fur, and composition. I (…)

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Magic Windows #17

by Angeliska on August 24, 2010

The other night, we were invited to dinner at our dear friend Annie’s house. Annie is an extremely sweet lady, talented artist, and very good cook: she made us squash and asparagus with pine nuts, polenta and venison sausage from (…)

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