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Pomegranate Star Ritual for The Winter Solstice

by Angeliska on December 21, 2013

My heart-sister and friend Brenda Francis has generously revealed the secrets of her sacred pomegranate star ritual for all those who desire to honor the Pumica grantatum’s skin as ornament. They are really special, and look beautiful dried and garlanding (…)

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Who Needs Who

by Angeliska on September 30, 2012

You could read every word I wrote Follow the trail back to when I was young You could read every word I wrote In some attempt to understand what has begun, but it’s beyond me – It’s a Secret I (…)

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by Angeliska on May 12, 2012

It’s almost that time again, y’all – time for Austin’s very own homegrown glittery juggernaut of a rogue queer pride parade takes to the streets and lets out a joyful noise! We’re planning and building and painting and working to (…)

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As The World Falls Down

by Angeliska on February 3, 2012

Exquisite Corpse Presents: AS THE WORLD FALLS DOWN A Labyrinthine Masquerade Ball Friday, February 3rd – 2012 10pm until 2am SWAN DIVE 615 Red River A night to enter the labyrinth and become a member of the fairy court – (…)

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Star-crossed Troubadours

by Angeliska on August 8, 2011

Today marks twenty-five years since my mother died. This last winter solstice, I had a profound vision during a ceremony: an old black telephone appeared before me, hunched in celluloid, with a rotary dial. I could feel the weight of (…)

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