Year of the Horse

by Angeliska on December 31, 2013

The tail end of the year is about to brush past us, this imagined point between now and then that keeps me feeling like I’m dancing on the head of a pin – trying to keep up, to push forward, (…)

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Pomegranate Star Ritual for The Winter Solstice

by Angeliska on December 21, 2013

My heart-sister and friend Brenda Francis has generously revealed the secrets of her sacred pomegranate star ritual for all those who desire to honor the Pumica grantatum’s skin as ornament. They are really special, and look beautiful dried and garlanding (…)

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Cold Winter Moon, Solstice Blue

by Angeliska on December 18, 2013

The Full Cold Moon in Gemini is still soaring above as I write this, casting a bright purity of blue light over the trees grown bare with the season. I am always shocked by how much stronger the moonlight seems (…)

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A Bright Blue Wish

by Angeliska on December 31, 2010

This is an invocation. Breathe in blue, breathe out black. Throw the old wishes in the river, detritus of the old year, burnt to ash, warped and transformed, buried on the land where your ancestors spun in circles in May, (…)

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Winter Solstice – Blood Moon

by Angeliska on December 20, 2010

(This photo, and all others in this post, unless noted, is by the marvelous Sofia Ajram) Dark times, my loves. Dark days before the sun returns to us. Tonight even the moon will hide her face, turn the color of (…)

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